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Portugal has been a holiday destination and an expats paradise for many Britons since

the 1960's and that's exactly what the Republic of Portugal has been for the Philpott family.

After numerous visits spanning from the late 80's to the early 90's, it was in 1992 when Chris'

parents built their dream villa located 76km from Faro and just 17km from the nearby city of

Portimão in Portugal's southern most region, the Algarve. For more info click here




















and a unique twist on the famous Zig Zag illusion, as created by the late South African - British magician, Robert Harbin. Traditionally using a female assistant, the two took the traditional illusion

and performed it in male production.





The Alexandre Figuras

“You are good, you have a great show"


Chris has been a resident in the Algarvian           region for as long as he can remember.

When not in the UK or in Russia, Chris

has spent much time in Portugal's most sunnyest region which boasts an average

of 3000 hours and over 300 days of sun a year, making the Algarve one of Europe's sunniest places, even sunnier than the U.S. state of California.


One of Chris' highlights was in November 2017 when he and Portuguese  magician Alexandre Figuras worked together to produce a One-Night-Only show at  the Algarve's Theatre Boa Esperança in Portimão, featuring the one of the quickest versions of the "Metamorphosis" illusion, as performed by the late great Harry Houdini;